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It is always recommended to read and check the following information BEFORE you go on holiday.

Travel papers

Of course you will need a valid passport. From the day of arrival in Egypt, your passport still needs to be valid for 3 months (holidays shorter than 3 months) or 6 months (holidays longer than 3 months). You will need to buy a visa at the airport, as soon as you arrive.

Visas are mandatory for any travels to Egypt. You can purchase the visa at the airport, at the bank counters, from € 25,-. This visa is valid for max 30 days.

Visas can also be purchased online at various government websites. Check your country's policies regarding online visas.


Vaccinations are not mandatory for Egypt, but it can be recommended to check you countries policies. Lots of people get diarrhea, it's therefore recommended to take something against this with you. The water from the tap is NOT drinkable, but cheap bottles of mineral water can be found everywhere.

Dive medical

When you are planning on going diving, you need a paper from your doctor that you are 'fit to dive'. You can print out a Medical Statement here. You need to bring this, signed, with you to the diveschool.


The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. The Pound is divided into 100 Piaster. The exchange rate can be found here.

ATM's can be found everywhere in Dahab and all bankcards are valid. Some offices can be found along the beach, where you can do your cash exchange. There are also some larger bank offices in Dahab, where you can get money with your passport, in case of emergency. Banks are closed on Fridays.

Further information

The Egyptian electricity is 220 volts. Be aware of this, and bring an adapter if you need one. Also take care of the shape of the plugs. Bring an universal plug if you are not sure.
European plugs/adapters will also work in Egypt.


It almost never rains in Egypt and the sun shines 99% of the time.

The best periods for a holiday are spring and fall.

The winters can be fairly cold and there might be strong winds. The temperature almost never drops below 15 degrees during the day, but the difference between day and night can be quite big. Bringing sweaters is recommended in the winter.

In the summer it can be really really really HOT !! Temperatures of 50 degrees are normal !!

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84% of the Egyptians is Muslim and 15 % is Coptic Christian.

Facts & Numbers

Official name: Arabic Republic of Egypt.
Capital: Cairo.
Official language: Egyptian Arabic.
Population: 88.4 million (est.)
Surface: 1.001.449 km².
Administrative arragement: 26 provincies.
Highest point: Mount Saint Catherine: 2642 m.
Biggest rivir: The Nile.
Religion: Islam.
Flag: Three equal horizontal parts; red on top, white in middle and black under. On the white part is an image of a golden eagle.
Nation: Republic.
Head of state: Abdel Fattah  el-Sisi (since June 8, 2014)

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