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WE GIVE YOU OUR TOP 10 LIST OF 'THINGS YOU MUST DO WHILE Isinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egyptN DAHAB'

10. Smoke a shisha

Smoke a shisha, water pipe, in one of the many restaurants in the bay area or one of the small Egyptian coffeeshops in Dahab. '2 apples' is the most 'smoked' flavour.

9. Make a cameltrip

Cameltrips are a lot of fun to do. Yes, you can get sore muscles, but then again, you did something very cool! We can organise the trip before you go, or you can choose to go to one of the safari offices in Dahab, and let them organize it. There are short and long trips. You can even do more-day-trips into the Sinai desert, all on camel.sinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt

8. Nabatean Port

The archeological excavation of the Nabatean Port is located next to The Tree Bar in the Mashraba area of Dahab, near the beach. You can't reach it, only look at it, because there's a fence around it, but a sign will tell you exactly what you are looking at.

7. One night under millions of stars

Since there is no 'light polution' in the Sinai desert, you can have a splendid view of the starry sky when you look up. Take a 2-day desert trip and have a look at the Milky Way while you're there. It is truely an amazing experience! Together with the deffening silence of the Sinai around you and all the stars above you, you will feel like you're on a different planet in the universe. sinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt

6. Nabq and Ras Mohamed

The whole region along the Red Sea shore, from Sharm el Sheikh to Taba, is a protected area, or Egyptian national park. In Nabq, you can see the mangrove trees, growing above the water. Ras Mohamed is mainly known for its glorious reefs and corals.

5. King Chickensinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt

All 'locals' and foreigners living in Dahab, know King Chicken for many years. It grew to become one of the most famous restaurants in Dahab, located on Mashraba Street, opposite the head entrance of the Nesima Resort. The food is good and cheap. Menu's are available in Arabic and English. A 'normal' dinner consists of a (part) chicken, soup, rice and a salade. Order an bowl of 'okra' for extra yummyness.

4. Bedouin teasinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt

Did you book a deserttrip? Don't forget to enjoy the oooohhh sooo sweet Bedouin tea you're about to get. It is very very sweet, they put handfuls of sugar in the pot, but when you are in the desert, this IS the ultimate 'Sinai feeling'.

3. Blue Hole

The Blue Hole of Dahab is one of the most famous divesites in the world. It is recommended to dive the Blue Hole at least once in your lifetime. All divecenters offer the trip. You can either go to the Blue Hole per jeep or per camel. If you are not diving, or you don't want to go diving, snorkelingsinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt
is an option to experience the Blue Hole just as good.
Restaurants on the beach will meet your basic needs.

You can also gobeyond the Blue Hole, to Ras Abu Galum. Ras Abu Galum is famous for its peacefulness and beautiful reefs. Little huts stand on the beach where you can relax or sleep. Ras Abu Galum is about an hour walking from the Blue Hole, to the north.

2. Bedouin meal in the Sinai mountainssinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt

A traditional Bedouin meal in the Sinai mountains is
for all visitors toDahab. The food is already prepared when you arrive, it takes a while before the food, inthe ground, is warmed and ready.Yes, in the ground! The meal is packed in foil and goes into a hole in the ground with coals. The hole is closed to keep the heat inside. It is a true happening, and just as important, very tasteful!

1. St. Catherine monastery and Mount Moses

The Sinai desert is already described in the Bible. It is the place where Moses and his people walked around for 40 years. St. Catherin's monastery is famous as the place of the 'Burning Bush'. The bush is the only onesinai desert safari diving travel trip holiday dahab egypt
growing in the entire area. They have tried to let it grow in different spots, but those tries were doomed.

Mount Moses, behind the monastery, is said to be the place where Moses received the stone tablets with the 10 commandments. There are 2 trips per day to the top, one for the sunset, the other for the sunrise. A visit to the monastery is always included.


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